New voice, new look, new approach

Brightcove rolled out an entirely new look and feel, along with compelling new messaging to ensure their brand presence aligned more closely with the best-in-class product offerings. A general brand direction was proposed, and then along with the sales and marketing organizations, we brought the brand to life across multiple channels, addressing needs both internally and externally.

To ensure strategic internal alignment and consistent messaging, we created a new set of personas, based on existing research and thoughtful market positioning. Below are samples of the personas guide created, as well as internal launch materials. It was of the utmost importance that the new, bold brand voice shine through with clean design, strong typography and energetic visuals.  

A strong online presence

An online quarterly report and new customer testimonials section can be seen below; both were projects to help bring Brightcove’s extensive market reach to the forefront on the website. The Global Video Index was designed to create a dynamic, scrolling experience for the user with interactive elements and bold imagery. Large parallax statistics for provided both strategic emphasis as well as a strong typographic element. 

For the customer testimonials section, we built and proposed an entirely new approach, bringing some of the most recent and most impactful customers front-and-center to encourage interaction with website visitors. Similar to the Global Video Index, a focus on clean imagery and bold typography made the pages feel fresh and relevant, and helped guide users through the page. Both sections had a multi-page build out and rollout, as well as accompanying assets with print documentation, branded promotional decks, and social media campaigns and graphics. 


Brand storytelling through powerful design

To support Brightcove with online events, thought leadership presentations, and company press updates, I worked together with the executive team to translate the relevant brand story into compelling visuals to support their goals. From simple text slides and charts, to more dynamic visuals, the focus was on distilling down their key points, and create graphics and visuals to enhance the conversation, and engage the audience. Brightcove is a best-in-class technology, and it is of the utmost importance that slides feel aligned with the overall visual strategy of the brand.  

Social engagement

From LinkedIn to The Brew to Instagram and paid social channels, I worked with marketing to support their ongoing campaign calendar with graphics to engage and delight audiences. Cross-channel tone of voice was a key focus, working to ensure that messaging and graphical treatments combined to hit the right note for each audience. Brightcove boasts a strong roster of customers and awards, from supporting the Academy Awards, SXSW, and winning two Emmys in 2020; we were able to balance brand recognition for those impressive partnerships and awards with the Brightcove voice through clean design with strong typography, color palettes and photography.  

My role at Brightcove has been one of ongoing strategic support for marketing and executive teams. From deck design, including messaging alignment, strategic graphical layout, and brand visual creation, to paid and organic social campaign support, web page wireframing and design, datasheet and whitepaper design, and brand storytelling projects, I partner with a variety of teams to ensure the Brightcove brand story is told in a clean, compelling and consistent manner. A new brand voice for a company with an extensive history of strong product offerings is a living, breathing entity and it has been an exciting ongoing project to see it take shape.